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Connect with the power & medicine of the WOMB

  Embrace your feminine consciousness












Your womb is the seat of your power

Experience wordless wisdom from the deepest part of yourself, solid and soft. Cultivate your tremendous capacity to hold your own life. From this place, you are innately resourced to meet, heal and grow yourself with a renewable grace. Engage with the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physiological aspects of your womanhood.







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Your Guide

Hi I'm Cailin

I have been studying energy work, philosophy, wellness, and holistic healing modalities for over a decade. Offering supportive sessions to support you in healing your womb and accessing the inherent wellspring of intuition, power and medicine therein.

Nurturing your wholeness and desires, amplifying your capacity to receive and give love and connecting with the vitality, creativity and sensuality you are built to freely embody. 

Together we’ll explore practices and self healing techniques tailored to your phase of life. Honouring the transitions through puberty, pregnancy, post-partum, peri-menopause, menopause and wise blood time.

Tending to all aspects of women’s health, sexuality, fertility, and relating. I offer private mentorship opportunities. group programs and retreats and individual sessions, intuitive guidance, womb readings and clearings to assist in your journey of connection.

Your womb is your guide.

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  • Guided Journeys
  • Integration Sessions
  • Ceremony
  • Personalized Meditation Recordings
  • Tailored Implementation
  • Unlimited Text Support


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  • Intimate Group Experience
  • Meditations and Discussion
  • Intuition
  • Healing
  • Power
  • Dream Birthing


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  • Womb Connection and Healing
  • Uniquely Tailored Support
  • Intuitively Guided
  • Meets You Where You Are¬†
  • Your Womb Sets The Pace
  • Your Womb Sets The Agenda


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What Is Womb Consciousness?

Womb Consciousness is a state of being and a way of experiencing. The portal through which life emerges in a female body is a powerful physical and energetic site to be honoured. Attuning to our wombs allows us to expand our awareness into the vast and infinite field of reality. What begins with the somatic practice of noticing allows for an experience of transcendence in meditative states by way of the body, through the womb. Part shamanic, part tantric, this is deeply empowering and anchoring energetic work with multifarious impacts on the lives of all beings. Our ability to connect to our innate agency, sovereignty and full capacity to love is required to restore harmony to our bodies, relationships and world.

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The private mentorship in womb consciousness is a three month immersive coaching experience.

I am so excited to offer my support to you in this moment of your journey, your deep listening and your deepest desires have brought you into a moment of transformation and reclamation. This offering can be best understood as a threshold, may our time together serve you as you bravely alchemize your lived and inherited experiences and step fully into your power as a woman.

We will move intuitively and at your pace to support you in clearing and in calling in what will serve you best in this next chapter of your life. The impact of this work is large. You will have my attention and presence as you journey bravely inwards. I will be there for the moments of expansion and contraction both as you birth a new version of yourself and your life forward.

This path is for the woman who is ready to make changes and who is ready to thoroughly resource herself in order to implement them.

Healing is possible, wholeness is possible, emerging shiny and new is possible. Yes life will continue to bring us deeper into lessons that will further our growth, my role here is to help you clear what has unconsciously accumulated so you can meet life with freshness, receptivity.

Please come with any and all questions to a free discovery call if you are interested in this offer.

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Begin your womb journey amidst the collective, a safe and beautiful gathering of women, supporting yourself and each other to deepen into your womb connection. A woman's journey inwards is never a truly solitary practice, relational beings that we are, we sense, attune to and and amplify each other often without effort. In womb circle, we honour self and other and benefit from group energy and connection while accessing and  witnessing each other's uncharted wisdom. Deepen your relationship to yourself in this four week guided experience. Structured to leave you with a foundation of connection you can carry and deepen throughout the rest of your life. A journey through connection and awareness, technique in accessing womb consciousness, both in ceremony and in daily life. Healing and Clearing of accumulated energy and trauma. Anchoring in your power with authority and sovereignty, and lastly understanding and experiencing dream birthing, shamanic processes of creation and manifestation, an expression of exalted agency.


Ask and you shall receive, access your inner knowing for divination and clarity, deep listening. Communicate the wordless language of the womb


Address the accumulation of experience held in your womb. Transform Inherited and Lived Traumas; relational, sexual, and medical. Cord Clearing and energetic hygiene.


Reclaim the sovereignty of your womb, amplify the power already within you. Grow and cultivate your inner strength, self confidence and emerge an authority in your own life


Dream Birthing

Manifest your visions into reality, stoke the fires of your imagination. Own your agency and enact your creative potential.

I'm Ready
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A one on one womb session will meet you where you are, intuitively guided, we will move at a pace set by your body and your wisdom.
I have worked with women experiencing miscarriage, abortion, childlessness, motherhood, fertility journeys, sex work, and a range of hormonal and physical health manifestations, women who are seeking a deeper connection to their erotic nature, women who are healing and letting go of ancestral, familial, societal, and inherited traumas, long stored in the body. While no two sessions are alike I have been blessed to witness each and every woman I have worked with connect with her womb in a profound way, many for the first time. There is a quality to this practice that is beyond words and I look forward to gaining understanding in liminal expansive space with you. I work with women who are seasoned energetic practitioners, and women who have no background in somatic healing or meditation. You are welcome to come with general curiosity and/or a particular inquiry. Every woman will have a unique path to accessing and implementing the wisdom of her womb.

Individual sessions are part experiential and part therapeutic, with a focus on integration and technique.

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I acknowledge that I create upon traditional, ancestral and the unceded traditional territories of the x ∑m…ôőłk ∑…ôyŐď…ôm (Musqueam), SŠłĶwxŐĪw√ļ7mesh (Squamish), and s…ôlilw…ôta…¨ (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.